In times of crisis,
only imagination
is more important than knowledge



This page summarizes a series of aspects of the life, work, and editorial contributions that Julio Ligorría has made throughout his 35-year career as a crisis and strategic design consultant.

Julio Ligorrría

Books published

Ligorría has authored more than one thousand six hundred analysis essays on contemporary democracy. These have been published in national newspapers in Guatemala and in several Latin American and Spanish newspapers.

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Here you will find a collection of videos of proprietary programs, interviews and diverse activities by Julio Ligorria throughout recent years.

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In this blog, Julio Ligorría shares his thoughts on different national and international topics.

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Institutional positions held

Member of the Board of Directors of the Managers’ Association of Guatemala

Vice-president of the Board of Directors of the Chamber for Free Enterprise of Guatemala

Vice-president of the Board of Directors of the Latin American Center for Political Management in Miami

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Member of the International Association of Political Consultants, IAPC

Member of the Association of Political Consultants of Latin America.

Guatemalan Ambassador to the United States of America



Ligorría has worked as an international expert on crisis management for over twenty-five years; he is President and founder of the Interimage Latinoamericana, S.A. consulting firm

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Years of experience
Julio Embajador

The Ambassador

In 2013 Julio Ligorría accepted the appointment as Guatemalan Ambassador to the Government of the United States of America.

He was appointed for his political and crisis management experience. The humanitarian crisis of unaccompanied minors who arrived at the southern border of the United States from the countries of the Central American Northern Triangle (64 THOUSAND in 2014 alone) broke out while he was on assignment in Washington, D.C. Ambassador Ligorría led the Guatemalan Embassy team and worked with his colleagues from El Salvador and Honduras to prioritize the migrant issue agenda, which served to coordinate efforts and to cooperate with the United States. The outcomes of these efforts were that, in one year, the number of unaccompanied minors detained at the border dropped considerably, detained migrants began receiving better treatment and more respect was shown for their rights.

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Oval Office with President Barack Obama
With Undersecretary of State for Latin America, Ambassador Roberta Jacobson
With José “pepe” Mújica President of Uruguay
With U.S. President George H.W. Bush
With Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
With U.S. President Ronald Reagan
With my wife Maria Olga greeting Cardinal Werl, Archbishop of Washington

Celebrating with Guatemalan community in Maryland

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Muros de prosperidad, no muros de hormigón

La frase que titula esta columna no es mía, es del recién electo presidente de Guatemala Alejandro Giammattei, cuando daba respuesta a un periodista que le preguntaba acerca de las políticas migratorias del presidente norteamericano Donald Trump.

Julio Ligorría: Guatemala afronta una oportunidad histórica de desarrollo económico

Guatemala se encuentra ante una oportunidad histórica de aprovechar sus buenas relaciones con México y Estados Unidos para un sólido desarrollo económico además de desempeñar un papel influyente en Centroamérica.

El exembajador de Guatemala en EE.UU.: «Giammattei puede ser un punto de inflexión en la historia del país»

Julio Ligorría, habla con ABC sobre sus años como embajador en Washington de cómo abordar la crisis migratoria de los países del Triángulo Norte a EE.UU. y de la victoria de Alejandro Giammattei en el país centroamericano

Política y drama de los migrantes en América

El autor analiza el fenómeno migratorio en Centroamérica hacia EEUU, que sigue aumentando, y critica la política de Trump en este terreno.